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Why Your Windows Have Condensation and How EZ Breathe Can Help

Why Your Windows Have Condensation and How EZ Breathe Can Help

EZ Breathe

Have you noticed a great deal of condensation on your windows even when the weather outside is fine? This is one of the first signs of high humidity levels in the home. While it may not seem serious to you right now, you should be advised that high indoor humidity levels can cause much more harm than meets the eye. EZ Breathe is one of the most effective solutions in the market to deal with indoor humidity because it addresses the causes of high humidity levels.

Moisture in the Air

The air in your home and outside contains a certain amount of humidity. The level of humidity is given relative to the amount of moisture that would saturate the air at that temperature. This is known as relative humidity and is represented as a percentage.

In order for your home to be comfortable, the relative indoor humidity should be maintained between 30 and 50 percent. Relative humidity higher than 50% would be too high. One of the most reliable and early signs of high humidity levels is condensation on your windows.

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Warm air in a room is often concentrated in the center of the room. When this air moves towards the edges of the room, it comes into contact with the cold surfaces of the window panes. The air cools as a result. It therefore can no longer hold as much moisture as it did at a higher temperature. The excess moisture therefore forms water droplets that are deposited on the window pane.

Causes of High Humidity

If you want to control the levels of humidity in your home, it is important that you understand why your home is humid first place. This will help you deal with humidity for the long term. Below are common causes of humidity in the home and how EZ breathe helps to eliminate moisture:

  1. Poor ventilation

It is important for air to circulate in and out of the home to get rid of stale air and provide fresh air within the home. Air conditioning systems simply recirculate stale air that has been cooled or warmed and filtered. EZ breathe gets rid of stale air and pumps fresh air from the outdoors into the home.

  1. Appliances

There are various appliances that generate moisture as they operate. These include dish washers, washing machines and dryers. The system circulates air throughout the home, ensuring moisture from these appliances is expelled to the outside.

  1. Activities that generate humidity

Cooking, cleaning and bathing generate steam and moisture, making a home humid. The system circulates air in all rooms in the house ensuring that steam and moisture generated from these activities is expelled to the outside.

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