3 Invaluable Tips to Deal with Basement Mold Growth

Jeff Schleuning  -  Mar 15, 2017  -  ,  -  No Comments
Basement Mold Growth Are you planning to remodel your basement? Maybe you want to turn this neglected space into a kids’ play room or a home office? Whatever use you have in mind, basement remodeling is a great home improvement idea. You are able to maximize on the space available

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3 Important Ideas for Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI

Jeff Schleuning  -  Mar 01, 2017  -  , ,  -  No Comments
Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI Older homes in low lying areas feature a crawl space. While the place of this space is contentious, one area of agreement is that crawl spaces suffer from water problems. These spaces were not waterproofed during construction and the fact that they are out

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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cracked Foundation

Jeff Schleuning  -  Feb 15, 2017  -  ,  -  No Comments
Cracked Foundation When was the last time you inspected your foundation walls? You most probably can’t recall ever doing this. The foundation is the most important part of your home because it supports the entire structure. If the integrity of the foundation is compromised, your investment is at risk. A

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Why Neither External or Internal Basement Waterproofing Systems are Effective on their Own

Jeff Schleuning  -  Jan 15, 2017  -  ,  -  No Comments
Basement Waterproofing When you’re searching for a basement waterproofing system, you’ll come across various systems. However, you’ll notice that most systems can be categorized as either internal or external waterproofing systems. You’ll therefore find that your main choice is between waterproofing your basement from the outside or the inside. The

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Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Dearborn MI

Jeff Schleuning  -  Dec 30, 2016  -  , ,  -  No Comments
Indoor Air Quality in Dearborn MI Many people believe that the air within their homes is great. However, according to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air is actually more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air quality has a profound effect on human health. However, it is not easy

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Why Your Windows Have Condensation and How EZ Breathe Can Help

Jeff Schleuning  -  Dec 14, 2016  -  ,  -  No Comments
EZ Breathe Have you noticed a great deal of condensation on your windows even when the weather outside is fine? This is one of the first signs of high humidity levels in the home. While it may not seem serious to you right now, you should be advised that high

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Foundation Repair Systems – What Separates StablWall from the Rest

Jeff Schleuning  -  Nov 29, 2016  -  ,  -  No Comments
Foundation Repair Foundation repair is carried out with the aim of strengthening damaged foundations. There are various systems designed to do this. However, none is as popular with waterproofing contractors today as StablWall, and with good reason. It’s a flexible system Many systems used for foundation repair are rigid in

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Where to Look for with Basement Rust in Detroit MI

Jeff Schleuning  -  Nov 14, 2016  -  ,  -  No Comments
Basement Rust in Detroit MI Spring is the best time to check on the health of your basement. Basement issues tend to turn up after harsh winters. While most people would look for obvious signs of basement issues, such as mold and wet spots, there are many other less obvious

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What to Expect with Crawl Space Encapsulation and Maintenance

Jeff Schleuning  -  Oct 31, 2016  -  , ,  -  No Comments
Crawl Space Encapsulation When faced with a dirty, moldy, humid crawl space, you will have various choices to keep it dry and clean. Many waterproofing experts will recommend crawl space encapsulation as a long term solution for your crawl space woes. This involves the installation of a vapor barrier that

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Reasons to Fix Water Seepage ASAP

Jeff Schleuning  -  Oct 17, 2016  -  ,  -  No Comments
Water Seepage Is your basement leaking? You may be thinking of calling a professional contractor but feel discouraged to do so. Many homeowners experience the same feeling. They consider the cost of waterproofing and wonder if it is worth all the trouble. If you’re wondering whether or not you should

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