Is Your Cracked Foundation Beyond Repair?

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Cracked Foundation Most foundation issues can be resolved by repair. In many cases, all that a cracked foundation needs is some crack injection and waterproofing to ensure that the foundation remains intact for the long term. In some extreme cases, the foundation may require hydraulic lifting or underpinning solutions to

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Getting Rid of Stains from Basement Rust in Sterling Heights MI

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Basement Rust in Sterling Heights MI Do you have basement rust stains on your cement floor or wall? Dealing with rust stains can be difficult. However, with the right information, you can get rid of the stains and restore your basement to its glory. Dealing with Minor Stains Minor basement

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Dry Rot Repair – Saving Your Rotting Home

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Dry Rot Repair Wood is a major component of any home. You can find it almost everywhere from the walls and roof right down to the foundation of the home. Dry rot is therefore a big deal when it is identified in a home. It can easily affect the structural

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Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Water Seepage in Sterling Heights MI

Jeff Schleuning  -  May 01, 2017  -   -  No Comments
Water Seepage in Sterling Heights MI There’s nothing more distressing to a homeowner than to find out that their investment has been compromised. It can be difficult and expensive to recover from issues such as water seepage. Many homeowners don’t realize that there are several measures that they can take

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EZ Breathe – Great Solution for Households Affected By Asthma

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EZ Breathe According to the Environment Protection Agency, cases of asthma have increased by over 700% over the last 15 years. This is mainly attributed to poor indoor air quality. The Air We Breathe Many people believe that asthma and other respiratory problems are the result of exposure to toxins,

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What You Need to Know About Foundation Repair in Dearborn MI

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Foundation Repair in Dearborn MI When you’re in need of foundation repair services, you’ll realize that there are several different systems available. All systems have their pros and cons. It can be difficult determining which system will best suit your situation. StablWall is one of the most popular systems used

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3 Invaluable Tips to Deal with Basement Mold Growth

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Basement Mold Growth Are you planning to remodel your basement? Maybe you want to turn this neglected space into a kids’ play room or a home office? Whatever use you have in mind, basement remodeling is a great home improvement idea. You are able to maximize on the space available

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3 Important Ideas for Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI Older homes in low lying areas feature a crawl space. While the place of this space is contentious, one area of agreement is that crawl spaces suffer from water problems. These spaces were not waterproofed during construction and the fact that they are out

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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cracked Foundation

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Cracked Foundation When was the last time you inspected your foundation walls? You most probably can’t recall ever doing this. The foundation is the most important part of your home because it supports the entire structure. If the integrity of the foundation is compromised, your investment is at risk. A

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Why Neither External or Internal Basement Waterproofing Systems are Effective on their Own

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Basement Waterproofing When you’re searching for a basement waterproofing system, you’ll come across various systems. However, you’ll notice that most systems can be categorized as either internal or external waterproofing systems. You’ll therefore find that your main choice is between waterproofing your basement from the outside or the inside. The

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