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What is that Musty Smell in My Detroit Basement?


Unless you’ve converted your basement into a living space, chances are that it is a storage area that often gets neglected. It is therefore not uncommon to find that your basement produces bad odors every now and then. Musty odors are one of the most common types of odors that occur in basements. A musty […]

Things To Consider When Renovating A Basement in Detroit MI


Renovating a basement in Detroit MI is one of the best decisions you could make for your home. It will increase the value of your house and also increase the amount of living space in your home. Renovating your basement practically adds a whole floor to your home. You can turn your basement into any […]

3 Qualities of a Good Foundation Repair Contractor in Detroit

Foundation Repair | Southfield, MI | Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan

Do you want to have the foundations of your home repaired? You need to find a reliable foundation repair contractor in Detroit. There are many contractors in the market. Learning the good qualities to look for in a repair contractor will help you distinguish between a bad and a good contractor. The following are the […]

Common DIY Basement Waterproofing Detroit Mistakes


Basement waterproofing Detroit is best left to the professionals Honestly, basement waterproofing isn’t a simple job. There are many elements and issues that make it more complicated than your average DIY home improvement project. The biggest problem is an average homeowner’s access to the right materials and equipment. While you can rent tools that can help you do the […]

Foundation Waterproofing and Winterization

Winterizing Your Foundation Sometimes people don’t treat the foundation, basement, or crawlspace as part of the home and neglect to prepare it for winter. Whether you think of it as such or not, it is part of your home and you need to winterize your foundation. Basically, foundation waterproofing and winterizing is prevention: preventing water […]

Sump Pump Efficiency Tips

A dry basement can be a hard thing to come by without an effective waterproofing and drainage system in place. There are several components that work together to keep your basement dry and healthy––however there is one piece of the puzzle that is crucial; and that’s the sump pump. The sump pump is responsible for […]

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