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3 Technical Solutions in Foundation Repair in Troy MI

3 Technical Solutions in Foundation Repair in Troy MI

Foundation Repair in Troy MI

As a homeowner, the proudest moment in your life has to be the day you moved into your new home. It is the greatest investment you ever made and as such, protecting it should be a priority. However, this is easier said than done.  According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), 60% of homes experience foundation problems within the first 5 years of construction. As a homeowner, you might not even be aware that your home needs foundation repair work.

Using a foundation contractor to carry out regular inspection is the only sure way of protecting your home. Other signs of trouble include jamming doors and windows, bowing walls, moisture leakage in the basement and the presence of cracks on the walls. If you have noticed any such problems, it is time to contact a qualified contractor for a thorough assessment of the damage. These professionals have the expertise and technology to ensure effective repair work.

Effective Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation repair work is an overly technical process and you should never attempt a DIY project.  A professional contractor uses some of these specialized solutions to guarantee a permanent solution:

  1. Slabjacking

If your foundation walls are bowing or bulging where there is a crawlspace, it is highly likely that the weight of the slab is sagging below its original elevation.  A contractor will excavate and pump soil-cement-lime grout beneath the slab or beam that is affected in order to bring it back to its original elevation.

  1. Piering

This is one of the most specialized technologies used in wall restoration. Steel piers are used below the foundation wall or beam to bring it back to its original condition. The mechanical jacks help lift a settled wall to grade. The process is very technical and only a professional should handle this project.

  1. Carbon Fiber Strips

This is a permanent foundation repair technique in case of cracks. Carbon fiber strips are ten times stronger than steel and they are used with a special resin to hold the walls together. The idea is to prevent any further movement of the walls. This technique is ideal because it doesn’t affect the aesthetic appeal of the walls and they can even be painted over.

There are other non-technical activities that can help avoid further foundation damage, including proper grading and improved surface drainage. A contractor helps to identify the underlying problem because most foundations are damaged by water and soil movement problems.

If you want to protect your home, it is time to call in a foundation repair expert for permanent protection of your precious property.



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