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Homeowners Concern

These really nice and pleasant folks had been living in their home for over 40 years. Other than basement-waterproofing-dearborn-mi-1digging a little around the outside, buying new gutters, and putting values on crates in the basement, they had never done actual work on their foundation.
Although the basement was unfinished and the water made its way to the floor drain, they knew they eventually would have to get this fixed. And basement often had a musty smell, especially in the summer time.
They knew if they were going to sell the house, most people do not want to be sold problems. So they wanted the basement to be fixed but they also did not want to have to go downstairs to check on things when it was raining hard.



As always, we pulled a permit with the City of Dearborn. The city mentioned several homes in the basement-waterproofing-dearborn-mi-2area had foundation problems. This house, unfortunately, was not the exception.
Despite purchasing new gutters a couple years ago, there was one downspout that was not disposing water far enough away from the home for our standards. This was an easy fix.
The water showing up on the floor in a few different areas had little to do with the gutter. The cement floor showed several cracks. In one place there was concrete raised about a half inch.
We installed drain tile on the inside and outside of the house. We installed an EZ Breathe ventilation system that helped address the musty smell within 24 hours. Once again, it gave us great satisfaction to create a dry, healthy, usable space for these homeowners. They now have the peace of mind about their house they have not had for many years.

Project Summary

Waterproofing Artists

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