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What to Do About House Foundation Cracks Sterling Heights, MI

What to Do About House Foundation Cracks Sterling Heights, MI

Concrete cracks over time, so the chances are good that you will have to deal with house foundation cracks at one time or another. The first thing to remember is not to panic. Seeing these cracks can be scary; sometimes they seem to show up out of nowhere. The truth is, they develop over time; you probably just didn’t notice them. Now, take a deep breath and figure out what to do about these house foundation cracks. The first thing to do is to determine why the cracks are occurring. The easiest way to do this is to call a professional company to come out to your home. They will do an inspection to determine why the foundation is cracking. These inspections are often free, so you have nothing to lose. House Foundation Cracks | Sterling Heights, MI | Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan

Do you have trees on your property?

If you have trees on your property, they may be the culprit that is causing the cracks in your foundation. Unfortunately, you may not like the fix for this issue. You can’t move the house and you can’t move the tree’s roots. The only viable solution to this problem is to have the tree cut down, then have your foundation repaired.

It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm

Freezing and thawing are common in the cold weather months.

  • Water in the soil freezes.
  • When it warms up, the water melts.
  • The freezing and melting causes cracks.
  • Water seeps through the cracks and this way, it can find its way into your basement.

Usually, these house foundation cracks are not a serious problem. However, you do want to have them repaired to avoid exposing your home to water, pests, and gases that come up from the ground. In new construction, your contractor can have a fix for this built into the foundation.

House settling

You may hear sounds in your home and attribute it to the house settling. You can also attribute cracks in your foundation to the house settling. This is common and happens to many homes. Your contractor can fix this problem for you. They have systems in place to ensure that no further damage occurs.

The important thing about cracks in your foundation is to have them repaired. You don’t want to allow them to get larger. Have them repaired when they’re small so you won’t have to worry about them. Getting your home’s foundation cracks inspected can also give you peace of mind that there is nothing to worry about.

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