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Tips for Maintenance after Foundation Repair – Ann Arbor, MI

Tips for Maintenance after Foundation Repair – Ann Arbor, MI

Have you recently invested in foundation repair? If the answer is yes, then you know how expensive and involving repairing a foundation can be. It’s therefore in your best interest to care for your foundation after repair to avoid further damage. The following tips will help you ensure the best care for your foundation.

  1. Get cracks repaired as soon as possible

Have you noticed any cracks in your foundation? These should be repaired as soon as possible. This goes for all types and sizes of cracks. Cracks that seem minor right now can easily become major cracks if allowed to grow.

  1. Maintain constant moisture levels in the soils around your foundation

This is especially important if you live in an area with clay soils. These soils shrink and expand to several times their original size depending on the level of moisture they have absorbed. If you live in an area with extremely hot and dry summers, and cold and wet winters, the contraction and expansion of these soils will be to the extreme leading to foundation problems.

Ensure that there is a constant level of moisture in the soil especially during the summer by watering the soil near the foundation.

  1. Invest in drainage

Have you installed drainage around the perimeter of the foundation? This will help to deal with excess water. Proper drainage will help to keep the moisture levels of the soil constant.

  1. Get rid of trees and shrubs growing near the foundation

Trees and shrubs growing near the foundation can cause foundation damage. They can absorb water from the soil leaving it dry. They can also cause physical damage to the wall as a result of their roots.

  1. Elevate your flower beds

Do you have flower beds that grow near the foundation of your home? These should be elevated and sloped away from the foundation. This will discourage water from draining toward your foundation.

  1. Keep temperatures in the home steady

Foundation cracks can occur as a result of expansion and contraction of concrete slabs. You can help to prevent extremes in expansion and contraction by ensuring that the temperatures in the home are constant.

  1. Keep an eye out for leaks

Keep an eye out for leaks especially around your plumbing both inside and outside your home. Check the sewer line, plumbing system and lines for potable water. Leaks should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid the need for foundation repair.




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