The Benefits of Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in Farmington Hills MI 48331
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The Benefits of Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in Farmington Hills MI 48331

The Benefits of Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in Farmington Hills MI 48331

Crawl spaces are useful for storing seasonal items such as holiday decorations and other seldom used items. Crawl spaces are also good for creating a humid environment that damages not only your crawl space but your entire home. Humidity is especially a problem if your crawl space is encapsulated without any vents. Crawl space dehumidifiers in Farmington Hills MI 48331 are the best way to eliminate humidity in your air. Removing humidity from your home offers you many benefits, including:

Air Temperature

It’s no secret that humid environments are hot and that hot air rises. This means that the hot, humid air in your crawl space rises and effects the temperature in your entire home. This in turn makes you uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. In order to deal with this discomfort, you may turn your air conditioning up, increasing your electric bill.

Prevent Unwanted Guests 

Small pests such as centipedes thrive in humid environments. In fact, centipedes require a moist environment to lay eggs. Thus, the more humid your crawl space, the more inviting it appears to bugs. On top of this, once these eggs hatch, bugs will migrate throughout your home looking for food.

Prevent Home Damage

Humidity causes rust and warps wood. Since most crawl spaces have metal pipes and wooden struts, a humid environment causes premature damage to your home. Repairing damage to such important areas of your home is costly, meaning that a humidity problem can literally cost you thousands of dollars over time.

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