Basement Waterproofing Sterling Heights

Things You Need to Know about Basement Waterproofing Michigan

Things You Need To Know About Basement Waterproofing Michigan If you are thinking of investing in basement waterproofing, there may be many questions running through your mind. For example, what type of waterproofing system should you use? Or which contractor should you hire? As you consider these questions, you should keep the following things in […]

Why Does My Sump Pump Keep Dying on Me? Warren, MI

basement moisture

If you’ve suffered as a result of basement flooding, you know how important it is to have a sump pump in Sterling Heights. However, even with a sump pump installed, there is no guarantee that you’ll have a dry basement. Many homeowners complain that their sump pumps are plagued with problems. Below are some of […]

Issues Related To Foundation Leaking Westland, MI


Foundation Leaking Westland, MI Leaks in your household can lead to a number of issues. Although a lot of homeowners will let leaks go unattended to, failing to treat the source of the problem can allow for a quickly escalating situation to unfold. One such source of these leaks is foundation leaking.  Contact Us! We Can Help! (586) […]

Reasons to Fix Water Seepage ASAP Dearborn, MI

Water Seepage Is your basement leaking? You may be thinking of calling a professional contractor but feel discouraged to do so. Many homeowners experience the same feeling. They consider the cost of waterproofing and wonder if it is worth all the trouble. Call Us! We Can Help! (586) 698-3030  If you’re wondering whether or not you […]

Reclaiming Your Castle with Basement Waterproofing Systems – Dearborn, MI

In a study carried out in 2012 by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), over 70% of homeowners revealed they don’t utilize their basements. On the surface this might look like a non-issue, but when you consider pertinent data relating to neglected basements, the issue takes a grave dimension. The Basement Health Association (BHA) reckons over […]

3 Important Ideas for Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI

crawl space waterproofing

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dearborn MI Older homes in low lying areas feature a crawl space. While the place of this space is contentious, one area of agreement is that crawl spaces suffer from water problems. These spaces were not waterproofed during construction and the fact that they are out of sight means that homeowners […]

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Basement Moisture Problems in Sterling Heights MI

basement moisture

Basement Moisture in Sterling Heights MI Spring is almost here and we’re all looking forward to it. Cheery flowers and green grass, more hours of daylight and not to mention the chirping of birds that is absent on the cold winter days. However, the melting snow and the spring rains may pose a threat to […]

Prioritize Foundation Waterproofing when Using Your Basement for Storage

Foundation Waterproofing | Detroit, MI | Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan

Foundation Waterproofing Some homeowners use their basement as an additional living space, a rental, or for storage space, but regardless of how it is used, protecting it from moisture-related issues should be a priority. With some uses, any potential issues get noticed immediately, and thus they can be taken care of quickly. However, when you […]

Homeowner Tips For Spring: What Homeowners Should Do After Winter


Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and a flourishing lawn free from snow. Before you go outside to bask in the weather, you need to ensure that everything is in good working order. Failure to do so can lead to hefty bills. So read on for our top homeowner tips for spring. […]

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