Basement Waterproofing Sterling Heights

Beware of Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes

basement waterproofing quick fixes

Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes We’ve all heard of basement waterproofing quick fixes. In fact, we’ve all wished for them at one point or another, and we’ve certainly tried one or two in the interest of saving money! In the age of technology, US consumers have seen an increasing trend of quick miracle fixes; little cost, […]

The Importance of Maintaining Floor Drains and Main Sewer Line

floor drains

Maintain Your Floor Drains and Sewer Lines It’s important to remember that flood-proofing a home basement only has a few things in common with waterproofing large structures like apartment buildings, hotels, or parking lot garages. It’s true that both usually have floor drains that can be maintained by snaking a pipe with electrically-powered drain cleaning rooter […]

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