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How Cracks in Your Foundation Occur | Southfield, MI

Foundation Cracks | Southfield, MI | Everdry MI

After completing the evaluation of your house it is now time to find out how a certain damage was caused. This phase is commonly known as troubleshooting. The process of troubleshooting should commence with the basic features of the concrete; it becomes weak if tension is applied but strong when there is compression. That signifies […]

Reasons to Fix Water Seepage ASAP Dearborn, MI

Water Seepage Is your basement leaking? You may be thinking of calling a professional contractor but feel discouraged to do so. Many homeowners experience the same feeling. They consider the cost of waterproofing and wonder if it is worth all the trouble. Call Us! We Can Help! (586) 698-3030  If you’re wondering whether or not you […]

Issues Related to Foundation Leaking in Taylor MI


Foundation Leaking in Taylor MI Leaks in your household can lead to a number of issues. Although a lot of homeowners will let leaks go unattended to, failing to treat the source of the problem can allow for a quickly escalating situation to unfold. One such source of these leaks is foundation leaking. Freeze-Thaw Issues Leaks often […]

5 Top Causes of Foundation Cracks in Dearborn MI 48120

foundation wall cracks

The foundation is the most important structural element of your beautiful home. Unfortunately, it is tucked away from view and its problems might not be noticed in time. According to the Concrete Foundations Association of North America (CFA), foundation cracks form 78% of the problems most homeowners encounter. A Brief on Foundation Problems You do appreciate […]

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