Solutions for Crawl Space Leaking in Livonia MI 48150
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Solutions for Crawl Space Leaking in Livonia MI 48150

Solutions for Crawl Space Leaking in Livonia MI 48150

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) reports that over 67% of houses built before the 1990s experience crawl space leaking problems. If you are one of these unlucky homeowners it is time you got some insight on the underlying problems in order to start solving them.

Why Care About Underneath Space?

Truth be told, not many homeowners care about what goes on in the basement or crawl spaces but you should. Leaking in these spaces can be devastating. Some problems associated with water in these spaces include:

  • Health hazards: Basement Health Association (BHA) posits that over 60% of respiratory problems in homes with such leaking issues emanate from mold growth.
  • Damaged structural wood: Your beautiful home is at risk of caving in due to rotting of wood support beams caused by moisture. With a compromised foundation your property becomes risky to live in.
  • Damage to fiber glass insulation: Moisture leads to ruining of insulation in crawl spaces and this causes rise in energy bills.
  • Putrid odors: Crawl space leaking in Livonia MI 48150 causes foul odors which eventually rise and interfere with indoor air quality (IAQ). This makes your home an uncomfortable living habitat with dust mites, mold spores and other allergens hanging in the air.
  • Pest infestation: Rats, mice and other rodents love spaces where water is available and if you have such in your home it will become inhabited by vermin. These irritants can cause disease, damage to utility wires and generally imply unhygienic conditions.

Remedying Crawl Space Leaking in Livonia MI 48150

It is critical to appreciate the need for a professional foundation expert to correct leakage in spaces beneath your living spaces. These experts have the right gear, expertise and exposure to utilize the most innovative solutions.

Common causes of water seepage into these spaces include:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls leading to cracks.
  2. Wall and floor leaks due to ground water pressure.
  3. Drainage breakdown including the French drain.
  4. Poor grading.

There are many other causes including poorly laid foundations but once your contractor identifies the problem he will provide you with effective solutions including:

  1. Flood alarm: This technological innovation ensures any water down there is detected promptly to enhance quick resolution of leakage problems.
  2. Crawl space sump pit: This is another refreshing solution especially in low lying areas. Any rising water is trapped and discharged away from these spaces to avoid concomitant problems including floods and mold growth.
  3. Floor drain: This latest innovation involves digging up of the floor and laying a porous PVC pipe which carries all water away from this space or into a sump pit for discharge.

Other solutions for crawl space leaking in Livonia MI 48150 include proper landscaping, unclogging of drains, extension of gout and downspout discharge among others. With an established contractor working for you, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe from water seepage.



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