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Repairing Cracked Foundations – Understanding the Speed of Deterioration and Repair Needs

As a homeowner faced with foundation cracks, you may be wondering how soon you should invest in repairing the cracks. Many homeowners would rather put off repairing cracked foundations for as long as possible. This is especially the case when the cracks are not leaking. Many do this in order Repairing Cracked Foundations – Understanding the Speed of Deterioration and Repair Needs, Richmond, Michigan to save money. 

One thing you should take note of as a homeowner is that foundation problems don’t go away. In fact, foundation problems deteriorate over time.  The speed at which the deterioration occurs will depend on various factors. Below we discuss the length of time it takes for foundation problems to deteriorate. 

Water Based Foundation Problems 

Cracks in foundations can be the result of hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation walls. When hydrostatic pressure builds against the foundation walls, it can result in the foundation walls bowing inward and cracking. These cracks can let water seep into the basement from the surrounding soil. 

If hydrostatic pressure is not dealt with, it will continue to build and push against the foundation walls. This will not only lead to further weakening of the foundation walls as a result of cracking but can alsoresult in damage to plumbing within the walls. Damaged pipes will leak and this will worsen the moisture problem in your basement. 

Repairing cracked foundations that are a result of hydrostatic pressure should be done in a timely fashion. Leaving the bowing to basement-waterproofing-sterling-heights-mi-everdry-waterproofing-ofs-e-michigan-3 continue will only result in more problems that will increase the cost of repairs. You may even experience property damage as a result of flooding when it rains unexpectedly. 

Foundation problems related to tree roots 

Foundation cracks can also be caused by tree roots. When you plant trees too close to the foundation, they can destabilize the soil around the foundation and cause foundation walls to buckle and crack. This can compromise the structural integrity of the foundation and your home in general. 

Just as with water problems, cracked foundations resulting from the action of tree roots can deteriorate quickly. You may begin to experience a host of problems including pest infestations, leaks and flooding in the basement. 

Contact a Foundation Repair Expert 

If you have noticed any problems with your foundation it is best to contact a repair contractor as soon as possible. Repairing cracked foundations sooner rather than later is always best. Your foundation repair contractor can provide you with affordable and effective solutions for the repair of your cracked foundation walls. 

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