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Prevent Flooding With a Battery Backup Pump

Prevent Flooding With a Battery Backup Pump

Install a Battery Backup Pump in Your Basement

It’s easy to forget about the health of your basement; that is, until the unthinkable happens. More often than not, sump pumps in your basement fall under that category of “I’ll deal with it later.” Many people only rely on one sump pump and not a battery backup pump.

Unfortunately, basement waterproofing in Detroit is so necessary because there is a lot of water underground, and by the time homeowners realize some action needs to be taken, its too late and your basement floor is covered in an inch of water.

battery backup pump

Keep Your Basement Dry During a Storm

We agree that it’s great to check your pumps regularly and make sure they are all working. But that’s not enough. Let’s face it, you can’t be home all the time; so what happens when the power goes out on a stormy day while you’re at work? Well, a battery operated emergency backup pump can take the worry out of keeping your basement dry.

The concept is simple. For whatever reason, if your primary sump pump fails (power outage, pump failure, or simple cannot keep up), the battery backup pump will kick in automatically and discharge the water.

Of course, you may contact us anytime and we’d be happy to come evaluate your current sump pump setup. If you’d rather come up with a solution yourself, we recommend you check your local home improvement store for options. Either way, it is certainly important enough to dedicate some time to installing a battery backup pump as soon as possible.



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