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 Water Damage: Why You Need a Sump Pump with a Battery Backup System Detroit, MI

If your home is prone to flooding, you need to invest in a sump pump that has a dependable battery backup system. Basements and crawlspaces are particularly prone to flooding because of their location near places that regularly come in contact with water. Weather conditions such as storms can cause blackouts and leave your home without power.

Storms and Water Damage

During a storm, water can enter your home at an unprecedented rate. The situation can be worse if a power outage occurs at this time since your sump pump will fail, and this will leave your home with a lot of floodwaters.


It is estimated that if there is a power outage for about one hour and your sump pump does not have a battery backup system, your home will have more than 90 gallons of water. This water can cause notable damage to your basement, basement walls, and the structure of your house. Moisture can also promote the growth of mold in your home. So it makes sense to buy a sump pump with a battery backup system, right?

Let’s learn more about sump pumps with battery backup systems and how they can help you prevent water damage.

How a Sump Pump Functions

A sump pump is a machine that is used to get rid of water from areas that are prone to flooding, such as basements. The device is placed at the lowest point where water accumulates so that it can effectively remove water as it enters a given space.

Typically, a sump pump is designed to turn on automatically as the water level at the site where it is located rises to a given point. This can happen when flooding occurs as a result of rainwater or leakage from faulty plumbing systems. The sump pump gets rid of water by dumping it away from the targeted area.


How You Can Benefit from a Pump with a Battery Backup System

A power outage during a storm will cause your sump pump to fail. But if you have a device that has a battery backup system, the machine will continue pumping out water even when a blackout occurs. 

The device runs on its battery when it detects that there is no power from the main supply. Hence, you need to invest in a sump power that has a battery backup so that you don’t have to worry about flooding in case power fails. 

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