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The Importance of Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor for the Installation of Waterproofing Membranes, Chantilly, VA 

Do you need to have a basement waterproofing membrane installed in your foundation? These membranes are critical for protecting foundations from the  penetration of moisture. However, many property owners do not prioritize waterproofing. They do not engage a waterproofing professional for the installation of the waterproof membrane. They instead have a general contractor install the waterproof membrane. Below we discuss why you should always engage a waterproofing professional when installing waterproofing membranes in your foundation. 


General Contractor Vs Basement Waterproofing Contractor 

General contractors are professionals that are trained and experienced in construction. Waterproofing contractors on the other hand are professionals with training and experience specific to waterproofing foundations. They are familiar with a wide variety of waterproofing systems and have an in-depth understanding of how these systems work and where they should be applied. Waterproofing contractors are licensed to install waterproofing systems. 

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Waterproofing Professional for Waterproofing Membrane Installation 

1. Proper selection of materials 

Waterproofing professionals are familiar with the different materials available for waterproofing basements. They also have a good understanding of their applications and have experience working with these materials. They are in a good position to guide you on the best type of material to use for waterproofing your foundation.

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2. Proper installation of membranes 

Waterproofing contractors are skilled in the installation of waterproofing membranes. They are also experienced in working with different materials. They will ensure that the surfaces are prepared properly for the installation of the membrane. They will also provide excellent workmanship in the installation of the membrane which will go a long way in providing for better performance of the waterproofing system. 

3. Provision of a guarantee 

Professional contractors will provide you with a guarantee for the membrane they install. This means that they will return to repair the membrane if it fails prematurely. This will save you a lot of money in the even that your waterproofing system fails. 

4. Ensure safety on site 

Professional contractors prioritize safety during the installation of the membrane. They will not only pay attention to the safety of the property but also of the people on site including the installation team and your household. This will prevent delays and unnecessary costs. 

Always ensure that you work with a professional basement waterproofing contractor for the installation of waterproofing membranes in order to reap the full benefits of your waterproofing system.   

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