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The Importance of Maintaining Floor Drains & Sewer Line in Your Home – Dearborn, MI

The Importance of Maintaining Floor Drains & Sewer Line in Your Home – Dearborn, MI

All homeowners know that keeping your home free from water damage is very important. No matter how well you waterproof your basement, you may still be at risk for flooding if you do not properly keep your drains and sewer lines clear of debris. Properly maintaining floor drains & sewer lines is one of the best way to prevent flood from clogs and backed up lines.

Home drains and sewer lines act differently than commercial and multi-residential buildings. Your home is designed to be compact, and your sewage lines are more simplified than in larger, more complex structures. You must take different steps to ensure your pipes and lines do not become clogged.

Common Sources of Clogged Lines

Everyday living may lead to clogged drains and pipes over time. Some of the most common reasons for backed up lines include blockages caused by:

  1. Hair, whether from humans or pets.
  2. Grease and fat from cooking.
  3. Large debris that went down the drain.
  4. Toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues.
  5. Feminine hygiene products.
  6. Cosmetics and personal care products.

While it’s important to avoid putting any of these items down the drain, it’s not always possible to prevent all clogs.

How to Properly Clear a Clogged Line

If your lines do become backed up, it’s possible to clear them out without undergoing a major renovation project. Most simple clogs can be cleared with the use of a plumber’s snake. A cleaning rooter machine may be capable of removing deeper blockages.

If you find the main line is damaged while you are maintaining floor drains & sewer lines, then it may be finally time to replace it. As removing part of the floor is necessary to reach the main pipe, calling out a professional is probably your best bet.

Problems Caused by Blocked Lines

Clogs in pipes and lines build up over a long period of time. As long as some water is still able to pass, you may not even realize you have a clog at all. However, if you notice your water is no longer freely draining, you need to address the problem before it gets worse.


Ignoring a blocked line makes you susceptible to a devastating flood. If water backs up in your basement, it may lead to costly damage to your walls, floors, and even ceiling. Any items you may have in the room may also be damaged beyond repair. Maintaining floor drains & sewer lines on a routine basis will ensure your pipes are always clear.




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