How You Can Knockout a Wet Basement in Troy MI 48007
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How You Can Knockout a Wet Basement in Troy MI 48007

How You Can Knockout a Wet Basement in Troy MI 48007

Basements are located below the ground floor of a building and that is why they are often faced with the issues of wetness. A wet basement is a common problem for many homeowners. A damp basement not only lowers the value of your home, but it also encourages the growth of mold. Mold is responsible for many respiratory complications as well as damage to property. Its removal and remediation usually involves a lot of intensive work, not to mention the cost.

You can tell you have a wet basement in Troy MI 48007 if you notice the following signs:

  • Stained floors or walls with unsightly streaks left behind where the water flowed through.
  • Musty smell that is associated with retained moisture.
  • Mold which is as a result of a wet surface.
  • Efflorescence, which presents itself as white or gray salt deposits on the wall and are left behind when the water evaporates.
  • Peeling or popping off of the walls and floor surfaces.
  • The obvious signs of water that has collected on the floor.

Solutions for a wet basement in Troy MI 48007

Wet basements can be corrected easily if the cause of the wetness is established. The causes may be either from runoffs, condensation or subsurface seepage. As soon as you notice the signs, that is the best time to act. Delayed action will only be causing more devaluation of your house and increasingly putting the lives of its residents at risk.

A wet basement in Troy MI 48007 as a result of condensation can be easily taken care of by reducing the level of relative humidity in the air inside. Opening windows and fanning the air will help a lot, and a dehumidifier will work wonders in drying the air and regularizing the humidity in the air once installed in the building.

If your basement gets wet after a storm, then you should deal with the runoffs to stop that. Start by locating the entry points through which the runoffs could have entered your basement. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned regularly to prevent overflows and any gutter that is worn out should be replaced.

You will know whether you have subsurface sources of water that’s causing wetness of your basement if the wetness is always consistent. Such a situation will call for the installation of appropriate waterproofing systems that may include the installation of a sump pump inside the foundation to channel the water out.

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