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How to Spot Water Damage When You Don’t See the Water Dearborn, MI

How to Spot Water Damage When You Don’t See the Water Dearborn, MI

Did you know that you could have moisture problems in your basement and not know it? Homeowners often look for noticeably wet basements. When they go downstairs, and the basement appears dry, they figure that they have no problem. Don’t assume that you don’t have a moisture issue in your basement just because you don’t see a puddle of water. Instead, learn about the other signs of a wet basement so that you can be on the lookout for them.

Mold, Mildew, and Musty Odors

Take a look around the basement. Do you see mold or mildew?

  • Mold can be on boxes.
  • On ceilings,
  • On walls.
  • It can be almost anywhere, even on individual items that are stored away.

Does your basement smell musty? Musty odors are another sign of moisture.

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Inspect and Feel the Walls

When moisture is seeping in through cracks in your walls, your walls will feel damp. Feel around the areas where you see cracks. Sometimes you can see the wet spots. If you have damp places, you have water coming into the basement. This could be a sign you need basement waterproofing services.

Rusty Appliances and Tools

Take a good look at the appliances in your basement. Are the bottom portions beginning to rust? That is due to water. Tools, bicycles, and other items could also start to rust.

Deterioration of Wood

Water can wreak havoc on wood. If you have water in your basement, you may notice that the wood is rotting. Dry rot is a severe concern for homeowners. Joists, window sills, columns, and any other area where wood is present are susceptible to wood rot.


In the summer, when your walls and floors are colder than the air, you may find condensation. Condensation can quickly lead to significant issues, such as mold, rust, and dry rot.

Warning Signs of Basement Water Leaks | Direct Waterproofing

As you can see, there are a lot of clues that you have a water problem in your basement. Of course, sometimes you will find puddles or water dripping down the walls, and those are concerns, as well, but since they are easier to spot, they get repaired quickly. Subtle signs, like those above, are more likely to be ignored since they do not make themselves as noticeable. Please don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security. The above signs of water in the basement are just as problematic as the more significant problems. Maybe even more so, since they are allowed to go on for such a long period.

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