Homeowner Tips For Spring: What Homeowners Should Do After Winter
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Homeowner Tips For Spring: What Homeowners Should Do After Winter

Homeowner Tips For Spring: What Homeowners Should Do After Winter

Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and a flourishing lawn free from snow. Before you go outside to bask in the weather, you need to ensure that everything is in good working order.

Failure to do so can lead to hefty bills. So read on for our top homeowner tips for spring.

Water Issues

Flooding and leakage is a costly problem, and winter often causes unseen problems. The first act of spring should be to tour your home inside and outside to ensure there are no signs of excess water.

You should always check the following:

  • The attic. Holes in the roof sometimes form in cold weather.
  • The basement. Melting frost from ground level occasionally gets into the cracks of your basement.
  • The sprinklers/hosepipe. Again, cold temperatures can play havoc. Check that these aren’t leaking and they still work correctly.

The Gutters

Gutters tend to accumulate large amounts of leaves from autumn through to spring. Even if you cleared your downspouts and gutters at the end of autumn, chances are more debris has since formed.

This is particularly problematic if you have any evergreen trees overlooking your house. These leaves can congregate at any time.

If you don’t have the time or the stomach for this, call an expert. It usually costs around a hundred dollars per visit.

Air Conditioning

One of our top homeowner tips for spring is to properly maintain your air conditioning system. Too many people wait until next autumn when they might need it again. This can prove costly if something has gone wrong.

Deal with your air conditioning system now. Check the coils and clean the pan drain by pouring bleach into it. You can also change the filter without calling in the help of a professional.

Ground Sloping

Ground sloping can happen over the course of winter. Cracking, paving stones can inadvertently create slight inclines. Water can travel down these inclines and easily find itself nestled up against your house.

So what should you do?

  • Repair any damaged paving stones.
  • Observe where water tends to pool during rain.
  • As a quick fix in response to an incoming storm, place sandbags against the bottom of your home.

These are a few easy ways to prepare your home against the biggest threats this spring. Invest in your home’s defences now and you can avoid a big bill later on. Be vigilant and you won’t find yourself underwater!



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