French Drain Installation In Westland MI 48185
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French Drain Installation In Westland MI 48185

French Drain Installation In Westland MI 48185

When house-hunting, buyers look at future homes and see potential everywhere. After all, even if the house isn’t to their liking, most things are easily changed and updated. One of the things that can’t be altered significantly is the placement of the house on the lot. And if the ground slopes down toward the house, it may present some problems. While this situation can present some dire consequences, a simple solution might be a french drain installation in Westland MI 48185.

If you find yourself in a home where the yard slopes toward the house, then you are probably familiar with a very wet yard. While this can be irritating, the more serious problem involves all that water that flows around the foundation. Over time, it can cause erosion, cracking, and other serious costly problems. In some cases, that water finds its way right into the house, especially during hard or persistent rains.

Water issues can often be easily solved by diverting the water with a french drain. A french drain involves digging a trench and filling it with gravel. At the bottom of the trench, a pipe, perforated with holes, will collect the water and send it safely away from your home.

This is a somewhat simplistic explanation because there are details that need to be executed correctly for a fully functional french drain installation in Westland MI 48185. An experienced waterproofing company can come in and determine the best location for a french drain, the correct depth, gravel requirements, and how to angle it correctly.

If the slope of your land has been causing water problems in your yard and basement, the solution may be easier than you think. For more information and a free consultation, contact us.



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