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Facts about Wet Basements That May Surprise You Detroit

Facts about Wet Basements That May Surprise You Detroit

There is nothing good about wet basements. You have to spend thousands of dollars on repair and waterproofing. A damp basement may also mean damage to property stored in the basement as well as health risks to your household.

If you have a wet basement, here are facts about wet basements that you should know and may surprise you. Wet Basements | Detroit | Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan

  1. At least 60 percent of homes with basements experience water problems

Having to deal with a damp basement is not something unique. More than half the houses in the country with basements experience water problems. It is, therefore, more common than many homeowners think.

The good news is that there are various options available to deal with seepage in basements. You only need to contact an experienced waterproofing contractor to have your foundation repaired and waterproofed. It will keep the water out and ensure your basement remains dry.

  1. Using waterproof paints makes the damage worse

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls? Many homeowners think that painting over the cracks with waterproof paint is the best way to keep the water out. The fact is that the waterproof paint is not the solution. If anything, it will only serve to make the situation worse.

The best way to keep water out of the basement is to have it waterproofed. You should also have the cracks repaired to ensure they do not allow moisture into the area.

  1. You do not have to live in an area that rains a lot to have a wet basement

Many homeowners have a poor understanding of how wet basements occur. Many believe that you would have to live in an area that experiences large volumes of rainfall for your basement to have seepage problems. However, it does not take a lot of rain to assault it.

It is more important to consider the type of soil the surrounds your basement rather than the volume of rain. If your foundation is in an area with clay soil, it will get placed under pressure even with only a few inches of rain. That is because this type of soil retains a lot of water. It expands and will push against the walls. When there is no rain, and the ground is dry, it will shrink and will not support the foundation wall. Both of these situations will result in bowing and cracking of the walls.

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