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EZ Breathe – Great Solution for Households Affected By Asthma

EZ Breathe – Great Solution for Households Affected By Asthma

EZ Breathe

According to the Environment Protection Agency, cases of asthma have increased by over 700% over the last 15 years. This is mainly attributed to poor indoor air quality.

The Air We Breathe

Many people believe that asthma and other respiratory problems are the result of exposure to toxins, allergens and other irritants in the external environment. They think that they can avoid them by staying indoors.

The EPA has a different take on the quality of indoor air though. According to the government agency, indoor air is even more polluted than air in the external environment. The EPA estimates that 6 out of 10 homes are full of airborne pollutants. These polluted homes provide hazardous environments to the occupants.

The Hazards Indoors

There are various hazards that are common in homes but often go unnoticed. These act as triggers for asthma and other related ailments. They include:

  • Molds grow in areas that are damp and dark. They release spores that can trigger asthma attacks. They can also worsen the condition with continued exposure.
  • Dust mites also trigger asthma attacks. They are also known to trigger the development of asthma in young children who may have not had previously exhibited symptoms of asthma.
  • Gaseous irritants that may be present in cleaning products and other chemicals used in the home can also trigger asthma attacks.

Getting Rid of Asthma Triggers

Many people invest in HVAC systems that have a HEPA filter to circulate air within the home. The problem with these systems is that they only recycle stale air that has been cooled or heated to provide the optimum conditions within the home. Although HEPA filters are effective against pollen and other particulates, they aren’t as affective against microscopic particulates such as mold spores. They are also infective when it comes to gaseous pollutants.

EZ Breathe offers an easy and effective way to get rid of irritants and pollutants that are putting the health of your household at risk. The system doesn’t simply circulate air within the home. It also expels stale air from inside the house to the external environment. This air is replaced by fresh air from the outside. This type of circulation ensures that mold spores, dust mites and chemical pollutants are expelled from the home.

EZ Breathe also helps to control the levels of moisture in the home. This prevents the growth of mold in the home. The system creates the ideal environment for health within your home.



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