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Additional Repairs You’ll Need To Do After You Repair Foundation Wall Cracks – Ann Arbor, MI

Additional Repairs You’ll Need To Do After You Repair Foundation Wall Cracks – Ann Arbor, MI

Foundation wall cracks are more than a simple aesthetic problem. They are often a sign of a deeper problem affecting your foundation such as settlement or high hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls. You will have to address the underlying problems before you deal with the wall cracks.

Having addressed the foundation issues, you will need to decide on a crack repair method that is effective and long lasting. This may include the installation of carbon fiber straps or sheets to help provide extra strength to the walls.

After completing the structural repair of your foundation, you will now have to deal with the aesthetic aspects of foundation wall cracks. The following are some repairs you may want to consider:

  1. Mortar

Mortar helps to hold blocks and bricks together. Wall cracks in brick and block walls often occur along the joints where the mortar is. The mortar will most likely have deteriorated with the damage to your foundation. You will have to refill the mortar in the brick or block wall joints if you want your wall to be aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Replacing drywall

Foundation wall cracks often occur as a result of the shifting of the wall. If you had finished your basement walls with drywall, it is likely to have split as a result of the shifting. For best results, you may have to replace the drywall. If the splitting is minor, some caulk may do the trick.

  1. Painting

If you prefer to leave your wall bear, you can improve its appearance greatly by giving it a new coat of paint. Applying paint will also help in sealing cracks.

If you decide to paint your walls, ensure that cracks and other water issues have been resolved. Ay water seepage will cause bubbles and peeling of paint.

  1. Flooring

You may also want to finish your floors at this point. It’s advisable to use flooring that is resistant to moisture such as ceramic tile.

You should put off the flooring to at least a month after the foundation and crack repair has been completed. This will ensure that the floor is not destroyed by any residual shifting following the repair of the foundation.

For best results with the finishing of your basement, talk to a professional waterproofing contractor. They’ll ensure the underlying problem is resolved and your waterproofing results are for the long term.




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