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Guide to Inspecting your Home for Dry Rot in Flint MI

Guide to Inspecting your Home for Dry Rot in Flint MI

Dry Rot in Flint MI

There are many things that homeowners never want to hear when it comes to the structure of their homes. One is that they have dry rot. This is an aggressive fungus. It can cause serious damage to the structure of the home by causing it to become soft. It breaks down the wood fiber which it feeds on.

Its name can be misleading especially since the fungus thrives in places that have high levels of moisture. The fungus is called ‘dry’ because the wood that it affects has already been dried and cured. The fungus that affects wood that has not been cured is known as wet rot.

Common Spots to Check for Dry Rot

Dry rot doesn’t occur as a result of a one-time flood or leak. The wood has to be in contact with the water for an extended period for an infestation to begin. The following are areas of the home that are often exposed to water and should be top on your list for inspection:

  1. Frames of doors, windows and skylights
  2. Shower walls
  3. Porches and decks
  4. The edges of roofs. Be sure to check sections where the gutters are attached to the roof.
  5. Exterior trim
  6. Joints that have caulking
  7. Wood near plumbing leaks
  8. Wood in direct contact with a concrete foundation
  9. Crawl spaces

Signs to Look For

It is easy to identify dry rot when the wood is exposed. All you need to do is poke the wood with something hard and sharp to see just how deep the rot has gone.

However, in many cases, the affected parts are not exposed. Rot often occurs in the inner-most parts of the house’s structure e.g. inside walls, beneath floors, in crawl spaces and under roofs. In such cases, you would need to know what clues to look for to determine if your house has been affected by rot or not.

  • Musty smell

A musty smell is often the first sign of fungus infestations. If any part of your home gives off a musty or damp smell, be sure to investigate further.

  • Shrinking or cracking wood

Are there timbers in the home that are shrinking or cracking? It could be that your windows or doors are not fitting into their frames properly. You may notice pieces of wood with spaces between them.

  • Spongy floors and walls

Are your walls or floors spongy to the touch? If you find any soft spots in the timber around your home, you should have your home inspected for rot.

  • Bubbles in the paint

If the paint on your wall is forming bubbles, you may also have the rot. These are formed as the wood beneath the paint shrinks.

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