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Homeowners Concernbasement-waterproofing-dearborn-michigan-case-study-1

The older part of town in Dearborn, MI has many homes with cinder block foundation walls. Cinder block can show signs of wear and tear over the years. Cinder block is porous and moisture often comes through the walls over time. Sometimes mold can form on the inside of the wall. Other times you may find a Christmas tree stain in the corner of the foundation. It is called ‘Christmas tree stain’ because dark colors form in the shape of an evergreen. 

The homeowners use their basement as a play area for the kids on one side and storage on the other side. They have a very clean orderly house. Everything has its place. Even the children’s toys are put away. There was concern that mold is visibly growing in one of the corners of the basement. The other concern was that valuables could possibly get damaged by the excessive moisture in the basement.


Since cinder block is so porous, it is important to drain the water out of the walls. This is accomplished by drilling small weep holes along the bottom block of every cinder. And since water can come out of these weep holes, it is important this water is drained into the sump pump and sent away from the home.

For this reason, we installed the Everdry Multi-Step waterproofing system. We basement-waterproofing-dearborn-michigan-4first installed the EZ Breathe indoor air ventilation system. This pulls the heavier, more polluted air and sends it outside. This helps create fresh air inside.

Then we opened up the floor along the edges and installed a drain tile system. The drainage was sent to a pressure relief system. Inside this is a high-end sump pump.

A trench was dug on the outside down to about where the hard clay is. We installed a drain so we can help prevent surface was from coming in. With Cinder block, some companies like to use the walls for plumbing in that they let surface water come in and run down through the walls. Water is very powerful and can wear down cinder block. For this reason, we install our surface drains and seal the top of the wall up. Then we send the water away from the home.

It was fun working at this house. I know the homeowners will love their dry healthy basement.

Project Summary

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Foreman: Chris D.
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