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Homeowners Concern

Dearborn, Michigan’s cold winter have caused this cinder block foundation wall to bow inward. The bowing-cinder-block-wall-repair-dearborn-mi-2freeze-thaw cycle, year after year, can wear down walls. This has also most likely caused the first floors to become uneven. This became very apparent during the inspection when we put a level against the wall. This highlighted the inward bow.
This home also had water seepage coming in on the opposite corner of where the sump pump is. Of course, it would be more convenient if the water only came in in the unfinished area near the sump pump and drained right in. But the water comes in, only a couple times a year, in the finished part of the basement. The carpeting has been ruined. We found mold on the carpet padding and the tack strip had dry rot on it. 
When the home was purchased 38 years ago, it came with a two-year warranty. At this stage, the outside drain tiles are not working the way they should be. Water is not staying outside the foundation. The homeowners reached a point there they were tired of using a wet vac to suck up the water. They were also tired of worrying about their basement while on vacation.



To prevent the walls from ever moving again, we installed Stablwall on the walls. This product is 10 bowing-cinder-block-wall-repair-dearborn-mi-1times stronger than a beam and is thin as a dime. This was desired since there are plans to remodel the basement and they did not want to loose any usable space.
To correct the drainage system, after understanding the different ways water and moisture can get into a home, it was decided on to have the Multi-Step system installed. This addressed all the different ways moisture can come in. 
With the drain tile installed coming with a lifetime warranty and a battery backup system for when the pump goes out or when the electricity goes out, problem solved. The homeowners can now enjoy vacations with peace of mind. And they no longer have to clean up their wet carpeting.

Project Summary

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