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Beware of Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes

Beware of Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes

Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes

We’ve all heard of basement waterproofing quick fixes. In fact, we’ve all wished for them at one point or another, and we’ve certainly tried one or two in the interest of saving money!

In the age of technology, US consumers have seen an increasing trend of quick miracle fixes; little cost, no effort, and quick turn-around is the name of the quick fix game.

But when it comes to securing the health of your home, basement waterproofing quick fixes tend to act as more of a temporary band-aid, than any kind of real solution. Here are a few examples of popular basement waterproofing quick fixes that may not be the cure-all you were hoping for, and may even end up costing you more money in the long run.

1. “Waterproof” paint

Painting your walls with a water-repellent paint may provide the appearance of a healthy and sealed living space, but there’s a reason they tend not to work over time, and that’s the pressure of the water pushing through the walls and floor.

2. Hydraulic cement

This has proven a popular way to fill chips and cracks in foundation walls, but the same problem persists. The seam between the patch and the original wall, as with the original pours of your foundation, will leak over time with enough water pressure.

3. Above-floor drains

Probably the least effective and potentially dangerous waterproofing quick fix, above-floor drains act as an aqueduct of sorts to route the water above your basement floor, and into a sump basin. This method is rarely effective and can potentially lead to toxic mold growth.

All of these quick fixes have a common flaw, they don’t address the source of the moisture. The most effective way to permanently waterproof your home has and will always involve addressing the source of the water, and diverting it away from the home.

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