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Basement Waterproofing Taylor, MI Reviews

Cindy, Taylor, MI

“We are so pleased with the crew that came to our home. They worked very hard and were very professional. We’ve had a roof and siding replaced on our garage…those men were heathens! The trash they left behind was almost as bad as what came from their mouths. We also had our windows replaced, they were a bit rude. The crew you sent to our home was amazing. Very polite, extremely professional and they left everything even better than they found it. This was a huge decision, and although you were not the cheapest we are confident that you were the best. The entire process was explained to us and we feel confident that this is a solutions and not the quick fix the other companies offered us. Thanks so much!”

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Craft, Taylor, MI

“We were very pleased with all the people we have been in contact with at Everdry. The crew has exceeded our expectation, they cleaned our basement floor and used a left over pile of rocks to fill in a hole in our driveway.”

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12/10/1988 – Sophie, Taylor, MI

“I want to thank you for the excellent crew that you have. They are efficient, prompt and take me through each of the steps involved in the waterproofing work done in my basement. I have never had a group of men work together so well.

You may be certain that if any problems occur (which I doubt), I will call your company. I only wish that you were more diversified so that I could call you for all the work that has to be done in my home. I repeat, I have never had a crew that worked together so well and that also seemed to enjoy their work!

As far as the quality, EXCELLENT!! The men were extremely thorough and I really appreciate the knowhow your men incorporated into their work.

I knew we needed work done and being a widow and senior citizen, I did not know who to call to waterproof my basement. Your Sales Representative was very knowledgable in his presentation which led me to believe that your organization was the one I would trust to do the work. THIS TRUST PROVED TO BE WELL PLACED!!!”

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