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Basement Waterproofing Sterling Heights, MI Reviews

4/30/97 – Jay, Sterling Heights, MI

“The work crew that you sent out to do the job of waterproofing has been the best work crew that I have ever been in contact with. They were very courteous and whenever I questioned them about what they were doing they took the time to tell me exactly what was going on, and also asked for our input on anything that might be a problem. Every step of the job was explained and agreed upon before they went ahead. As they were completing the work outside they always asked where things were to go and what we thought. If I were their boss I would congratulate them on the work that they do.

They had a very hard way to go when it came to working with the deck area and I never heard any complaints. They just kept on working no matter what obstacle they ran into.

As far as the work that they did I give them an A+. We will know more the next time that we get a hard downfall and a lot of water that can’t soak into the ground. We hope that the job that was done will take care of any problem that we were experiencing before. The warrantee will take care of any problem if any arises.

We would highly recommend Everdry to anyone that would need to have their house waterproofed. Your company has shown us that they can be depended on for work well done.”

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Charles & Terry, Sterling Heights, MI

“This is our second home we had Everdry fix our basement.”

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1/31/14 – R. Boehmer, Sterling Heights, MI

“Eighteen years ago I was fighting leaks so bad in my basement that you could actually see the water streaming in like a drinking fountain. That summer I invested in the Everdry system and I haven’t been happier. We had the “Deluxe” version, if you will, that included both inside perimeter tile installation and outside perimeter work complete with dry wells. To date I have not had one instance of water in my basement. I used to “brag” that I was constantly upgrading my finished basement because I just wasn’t satisfied yet when actually it was because I had to keep tearing it out to fix the leaks. I am now happy to say I am going on my 18th year with the same basement. Everdry is just what the name says, ‘EVER DRY’. Thank you so much!”

12/11/13 – Leslie B., Sterling Heights, MI

“We have had Everdry since 1991 and have been very happy with the results. Every once in awhile the sump pump goes out, but thanks to the warranty we took out, they come out and fix it right away. We are happy with the job.”

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