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Basement Waterproofing Royal Oak, MI Reviews

Barbara, Royal Oak, MI

“As a single woman I’m always hesitant to allow workmen into my home. Everdry exceeded my expectations. Carlson and his team were polite and professional. They answered all of my questions, explained the process as they went along and respected my home and property. They covered the carpet to the basement the moment they arrived and completely cleaned the area when they were finished. I would gladly allow this team into my home again.”

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Jim, Royal Oak, MI

“The crew did a great job. They were professional, courteous, and prompt. I recommend a bonus for the entire crew.”

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Patricia, Royal Oak, MI

“The crew that you sent to my house to solve my basement waterproofing exemplified the term professional. The foreman, Greg, not only took his time to explain the entire process in detail, but he also had his crew remove the paneling from my worst wall to show me what was causing the problem.

The finished work is professional and the clean up was thorough even though the weather was terrible. The crew also did extras like fixing a siding panel on my house. I thank Greg and the entire crew for treating my house like they would their own, especially since I was not there during the day”

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4/11/2014 – Judy, Royal Oak, MI

“When we moved into our home, purchased from the man who designed and built it in 1942, he told us if we did nothing else, we should continue to pay the annual warranty for EverDry Waterproofing. He left us the information and we did. Years later we began to see mold and moisture along the basement closet walls and we called EverDry. As others have stated, this was the easiest repair on the homeowners part, yet as involved as it was for the men who worked on digging up the outside of the house and completing inside work, they were quick and kind and yes, very clean and neat. We were very impressed. Best part, because we continued to pay the annual warranty, $25 all the work was free. Years later, the area that has been repaired continues to show no sign of mold, mildew or moisture! Thank you EverDry, I recommend you all the time.”

9/6/2013 – John & Linda, Royal Oak, MI

“We had our basement done by Everdry about 10 yrs or more ago and have not had any problems since. They were quick and efficient when working on our home. We have always recommended your company to anyone we thought could benefit from your services.

6/11/2013 – Andy, Royal Oak, MI

“We moved to Royal Oak in 1990. After the first fall rain and then spring of 1991 we noticed a constant water problem in the basement. It would come in everywhere. We called EverDry! The rep that came out explained what was happening with in a very understandable way. We were told they’d have to re-do the tile outside as well as add their system to the inside. They did a great job and we’ve not had any water in the basement since from the outside because of rain or spring thaw. Recently, our sump stopped working, they came out a replaced it with a newer style that is designed to last longer. All for no charge. It pays to keep the EverDry warranty current! We highly recommend EverDry for your basement water problems. Thanks!”

4/16/2013 – Robert, Royal Oak, MI

“I have been pleased with our Everdry experience. Everyone from the crew to the office staff has been efficient and friendly.”

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