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Getting Rid of Stains from Basement Rust in Sterling Heights MI

Getting Rid of Stains from Basement Rust in Sterling Heights MI

Basement Rust in Sterling Heights MI

Do you have basement rust stains on your cement floor or wall? Dealing with rust stains can be difficult. However, with the right information, you can get rid of the stains and restore your basement to its glory.

Dealing with Minor Stains

Minor basement rust stains can be easily dealt with using ingredients that you have in your home. Begin by rinsing the concrete with water and washing it with soap. You can use any soap or cleaning fluid for this part of the process. Once the surface is clean, you can proceed to deal with the rust stain.

Allow the surface to dry and then apply a lemon juice on the surface. Commercial rust removers rely on acids to lift and get rid of rust stains. Citric acid in lemon juice is just as effective as many of these rust removers. Allow the lemon juice to sit on the rust stain for about 6 minutes. You can then scrub the stain using a stiff brush.

If the stain doesn’t clear with lemon juice, you may have to try something a little stronger. Vinegar is a good choice for tougher stains. Pour vinegar on the stain and allow it to sit for several minutes. You should then scrub it with a wire brush and rinse away the solution with water. Repeat this several times until the stain comes out.

Your choice of brush is important for the process of cleaning the stains. Steer clear of metal bristles. These are hard and are likely to cause damage to the cement surface. They will cause the surface to chip. Use a nylon brush instead. This will allow you to maintain the smooth surface of the concrete.

If you’re dealing with a painted surface, use a sponge and warm water to clear the rust stain after applying the vinegar or lemon on the stain. Scrub in gentle circles to avoid ruining the painted surface.

Dealing with Major Rust Stains

If your stains are stubborn or large, you may need something extra to get rid of the stains. There are various heavy duty cleaners in the market to help you get rid of stains. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Be sure to have your basement checked for sources of moisture. This will ensure that the basement is protected from rust for the long term. You may need the assistance of a waterproofing contractor to keep moisture out.



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