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6 Simple Steps to Avoid Basement Moisture Problems in Sterling Heights MI

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Basement Moisture Problems in Sterling Heights MI

Basement Moisture in Sterling Heights MI

Spring is almost here and we’re all looking forward to it. Cheery flowers and green grass, more hours of daylight and not to mention the chirping of birds that is absent on the cold winter days. However, the melting snow and the spring rains may pose a threat to your basement. They could mean basement moisture problems for you.

If you’re worried about basement moisture in the spring, the following steps ought to help you keep your basement nice and dry:

  1. Check your downspouts and gutters

Cluttered gutters can’t effectively collect and direct runoff to downspouts. Downspouts that are poorly positioned drain water too close to the foundation. Check your gutters to clear them of debris. Ensure that your downspouts guide water to drain no less than three feet from your home’s foundation. You may need to install troughs or running extensions to achieve this.

  1. Look for cracks in your foundation

Take a walk around your home and inspect the exterior surface of the foundation walls. Are there any cracks? Be sure to have this fixed by calling a licensed contractor. Avoid using band-aid fixes such as applying epoxy to the foundation cracks. The problem may run deeper than you think.

  1. Sump pump maintenance

If you have a sump pump, it’s time to call in the maintenance crew for an annual check-up. Ensure that the sump pump is working properly and is in the best position (the lowest part of the basement) to trap water.

  1. Invest in a generator

Your sump pump will only work when there is power. Because power outages are common during storms, investing in a generator will ensure that the sump pump is still working even when the power is gone.

  1. Cover your window wells

Window wells are a great addition to a basement. They provide natural light and can make the basement space more versatile in terms of uses. However, they can be an opening through which rain water can enter the basement and cause problems. Invest in window well covers and ensure that they are securely fastened to the foundation. Clear covers will allow light to enter the basement while keeping pests, leaves and rain out.

  1. Have your sewer lines and septic tank inspected

Ensure that your sewer lines are not clogged and are in good condition. If you have a septic tank, ensure that it is cleaned. Heavy rainfall over a prolonged period can be taxing on sewer systems. Avoid a disaster by having them inspected in good time.



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