5 Signs You May Have a Foundation Moisture Problem
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5 Signs You May Have a Foundation Moisture Problem

5 Signs You May Have a Foundation Moisture Problem

You might be wondering about an odd spot on the wall or rust build-up on the appliances in your basement. If there is not an obvious sign of water damage or leaking but you still smell something or see something that is not normal in your basement, then there is probably foundation moisture and someone needs to find the root of the problem.

Knowing what to look for before there is a major problem will help you to fix it before it is too late. Though it is always best to have professionals inspect your basement for these issues, here are some of the tell-tale signs that you have moisture building up.

  1. Mold or Mildew – Mold grows best in a moist environment. The most likely spot to see mold or mildew deposits are the walls of your basement, though it could grow just about anywhere down there. You might not see it, but you can smell it. Typically if there is an odd smell in your basement it is mold and mildew.
  2. Dry Rot – You might have wooden baseboards or walls, like wood paneling. This wood can become moist. As this moisture worsens the wood will become dry-rotted. It will be weak and decaying. Dry rot is a fungal growth.
  3. Cracks – There could be cracks in your walls or floors. Hopefully these are not thick cracks, but even the thin cracks are a sign that there is too much water pressure on the other side of the wall. Watch these cracks, especially after any rainfall, to tell if there is moisture coming from them.
  4. Rust – You probably know that metals will rust when exposed to moisture. But not many people think of rust building up on their water heater, washer/dryer, or deep-freezer as a sign of basement or foundation moisture. Those appliances may have rust due to the fact that they all deal with water, or it could be a build-up of basement moisture. Check your furnace or the light fixtures in your basement as well to see if they have any rust on them since they do not use water at all it is most likely a moisture leak in your basement.
  5. Water Seepage – Of course, any water that you witness seeping from your walls or floors is definitely a sign of big problems to come, if they are not already there. At this point you are already dealing with a major problem. Soon there could even be bowing and buckling of your basement walls and floor so do not hesitate!

Staying one step ahead can help you to save money, time, and the overall headache of needing major work done to repair any issues related to a moisture problem. We are here to help. Contact us to discuss any problems in your basement today.



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