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4 Tips for Checking Your Battery Backup Sump Pump to Prevent Failure | Flint, MI

4 Tips for Checking Your Battery Backup Sump Pump to Prevent Failure | Flint, MI

If you’ve invested in a battery backup sump pump, you can be sure of your basement remaining dry even during a storm. Your backup sump pump will take over when your primary pump fails.

However, this doesn’t mean your battery backup sump pump won’t fail. Just like your primary system, backup systems can also fail. This can result in your basement flooding. Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Things to check on to prevent failure

  1. Soil or gravel in the sump pump

If your sump pump takes in soil or fine gravel, it can become clogged. This can result in mechanical failure of the sump pump.

This can be prevented by installing the pump on a bed of large rocks or gravel that is at least the size of a dime. If you’ve already done this, keep checking on the bed to ensure that it remains clear of soil or silt. This may occur due to vibrations causing displacement or breaking up of soil or rocks.

  1. Float switch placement

The float switch will turn on the sump pump when the water in the well reaches a predetermined level. However, poor placement of the switch can result in failure of the pump.

Check to see if there is enough room around the float switch to allow it to float freely. Obstructions can affect the working of the pump. This, in turn, can cause the pump’s motor to burn.


  1. Wrong placement of check valve

The check valve in the sump pump system prevents the backflow of water into the pump. Many systems come with check valves that have arrows that indicate the direction they should face when installed. If the check valve is facing the wrong direction, water will keep flowing back into the pump.

  1. Broken discharge pipe

A broken discharge pipe results in a leak in the sump pump system. Water pumped out of the basement may leak through the break and cause your basement to flood.

Breaks can occur anywhere along the line, even underground. Inspect the discharge line regularly. You can test for underground breaks by checking if there is a reduction in the flow of water from the discharge line while testing the pump.

Be sure to inspect your battery backup sump pump regularly for the issues listed above. This could mean the difference between a dry and wet basement.

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