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3 Steps to Winter Energy Savings

Tips for Winter Energy Savings

Winter is a time for joy, hot cocoa, and cozying up by the fire with loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for skyrocketing energy costs. If you’ve been cringing at the costs of your utilities for the last couple months, we’ve got a few energy savings tips you can try:

1. Seal up those foundation cracks!

Your basement or crawlspace is buried in cold, wet, freezing dirt. If your foundation is cracked it’s doing a combination of two things: letting cold air in and letting heat out! Grab some masonry caulk at your local home improvement store and seal up those cracks!

2. Weatherproof windows and doors upstairs and in the basement.

Every few years you may find that the caulk around your windows and doors begins to crack up and become drafty. Re-seal it by first removing as much of the old caulk as possible, and adding a thick bead of white acrylic/latex caulk. You may smooth out the caulk line either with your thumb, or a caulk bead finisher tool.

3. Lose a few degrees.

By doing the items listed above, you may just be able to kick your heat down a few degrees, without any added discomfort. You’d be surprised at just how much of a difference a little caulk can make.

Of course if caulking alone isn’t enough to seal your foundation up from the outside elements, you may need more comprehensive services. Feel free to read more about basement waterproofing and foundation repair in the links below.

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