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How Cracks in Your Foundation Occur | Southfield, MI

Foundation Cracks | Southfield, MI | Everdry MI

After completing the evaluation of your house it is now time to find out how a certain damage was caused. This phase is commonly known as troubleshooting. The process of troubleshooting should commence with the basic features of the concrete; it becomes weak if tension is applied but strong when there is compression. That signifies […]

Foundation Damaged? It Can Be Repaired | Farmington Hills, MI

Cracked Brick Foundation |Farmington Hills, MI | Everdry Michigan

Cracked Foundation Most foundation issues can be resolved by repair. In many cases, all that a cracked foundation needs is some crack injection and waterproofing to ensure that the foundation remains intact for the long term. In some extreme cases, the foundation may require hydraulic lifting or underpinning solutions to ensure that it remains intact. […]

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