Basement Waterproofing Sterling Heights

Introduction to the Sill Plate

The Sill Plate and the Foundation For those of you who aren’t as foundation-savvy as some of us and don’t know what a sill plate is, here’s a quick anatomy lesson. The Foundation The foundation is made up of 3 separate pours of concrete: the footer, the foundation wall, and the floor. First, the footing […]

Measure Basement Mold Potential With a Thermohygrometer

Do You Have A lot of Basement Mold? Is your home at risk for basement mold growth? Well, let’s be real here. Every home is different, and many different factors can play into why a certain home is more susceptible to mold growth. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if your home is in need […]

Prevent Flooding With a Battery Backup Pump

battery backup pump

Install a Battery Backup Pump in Your Basement It’s easy to forget about the health of your basement; that is, until the unthinkable happens. More often than not, sump pumps in your basement fall under that category of “I’ll deal with it later.” Many people only rely on one sump pump and not a battery backup […]

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